The Gift of Imagination

There are few things more powerful than a child’s imagination. It can transform the tiniest human into the bravest superhero on the planet. It can spin ballgowns from tattered threads or morph a mangy mutt into a fire breathing dragon. It once shaped a shy little girl into an artist. But most importantly, it teaches us all to dream, to love, and ultimately to hope.

Every Child Deserves a Chance to Hope

No one should have to give up their childhood because they’re too afraid to play outside, too hungry to think, or so forgotten and alone that hope is crushed under the weight of a tragic past. No child chooses where they grow up, but we as adults should all be held responsible for their chance at a future.

Work That's Dedicated to Changing the Story

It’s my goal to protect the right of every child to grow up with laughter, love, and plenty of time to explore their own imagination. That’s why a portion of every project in our studio goes to support that mission. We tell your story so that we can change theirs.

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